Morgan Craven

As Interviewed by Nolan C., March 2019

Morgan Craven: In Her Own Words

So part of our work i just mentioned is related to school safety and the School to prison pipeline and so were really concerned with new laws and policies that impact safety in schools and we just want to make sure that that schools are doing what we know works to create safe environments. Which is not having more police or a ton of cameras or metal detector instead its making sure that students feel like they have people who are listening to them and have strong relationships with other people in their school so we push for policies that create that sort of positive environment. And then we push back against ideas that would bring more weapons into school like guns no matter who's carrying them. So we don't want teachers to secretly carry them, we don't want more police in schools, and we certainly don't want students or strangers bringing guns into schools.

...Right after college i moved back home to Atlanta and i was in a situation where the place…. I was in a public place when someone came in and started shooting, and it was really really terrible.

...Yeah it was really horrible and i actually didn't think about very much until… maybe six months ago when there were lots of hearings here at the capitol related to school safety and I started talking about that incident as i was testifying on something that was up and i got very choke up about it and I didn't realize that I really processed what had happened. But, yes it was very awful and i get why people have really intense emotional reactions when it comes to this thing, particularly when they're in a school and it happens or it happens to their children or someone that their close to or someone that they know. So I understand from personal experience how awful it really is.