Diana Stanfield

As Interviewed by Carlisle Sloan, March 24, 2019

Ms. Stanfield: In Her Own Words

I teach kindergarten at Lee Elementary. I’m a public school teacher and i also work at TJ Maxx part-time and I tutor after school. I love my job. I love my job. I mean, yeah. This feeds my soul. I do. Now the other jobs, I have to work, I mean, because of all the before mentioned salary issues I would rather not tutor after school. I mean i’m tired, i’ve been teaching all day long but i mean. I would certainly rather not work at TJ Maxx, but again I need the extra income so, but teaching, I love.

AISD is giving away millions of tax dollars that would otherwise go to AISD schools, teacher raises, cost of living raise, you know, improvements in school facilities and buildings. All that money has been shipped away so we are trying to juggle and figure out ways to exist. Part of that is not getting raises. I can't think of the last time I got a significant raise. It just doesn't happen. So, no we’re not. In addition, like I said, our costs are going up so last fall, all the teachers got an email from the district and it said, i mean. It said this, “Your benefits are going down, Your insurance, health insurance benefits are going down, and your cost is going up 100 dollars a month.” So starting January, my little paycheck went down another 100 dollars because the district cant afford it. So, my experience, it's because of the robin hood and the way that they finance schools. Austin money is being shipped out to other school districts.

I would really like for them to work on this re-distributing plan because i think it's important that we do share our wealth. I mean, there are some districts that have nothing. The money was based off property taxes, so if you live in a very very property low income houses schools had no money so they had this plan where we’ll share. What's happening now though is Austin is getting the bulk of the hits. I'm going to come up with some figures but its not exactly right. But i know that Austin is number one contributor of the fund, AISD. So this year, I think we’re slated to give away about six hundred million dollars of your tax money is given away to other schools and the next school down as far is if we were ranking the most, Austin, the next one down is Planeo and their giving about ninety thousand so your talking about six hundred million, ninety thousand. And again, don't quote me on the.. Mr. Hewlett (the principal at Lee Elementary) showed us this, this chart and I just remember one thing. Oh my gosh, wow. So in two or three years it's going to be close to a billion dollars that we’ll be giving away if something isn't done. That has got to be changed. I mean, that's gotta be changed. They’re going to lose talent, they're going to lose schools and its, it's not a good thing. And teaching the little ones for me is my joy and my life. It's just, i don't know it suits your soul. It's what you're meant to do. Its like and artist. You just gotta do it. You know, and hope that you can exist off spam or whatever else. I'm not going to stop just because i don't get more dough. I mean obviously, i’m four years away from retirement. I could have retired two years ago. And i don't actually. I’m not going to stop because I love it buy it would extremely make it easier i mean just yeah ,pay! Pay us more for gosh sake!