Moses Avila

As Interviewed by Aliana guerra, March 26, 2019

Moses Avila: In His Own Words

Well when I grew there was uh black schools and the whites went to different schools but the blacks went to different schools it was til 1st grade.

Yes, well after high school but during my elementary years uh there was black schools and there was a school for the others. Yes, I was raised in Houston district there was mixed mostly Mexican and blacks. We were considered White.

I’m not really sure cause when I was so young that barber shops you know like they couldn’t go to certain barbershops only the Hispanics and whites go to them and then they had to drink from different water fountains and they even had signs in the restaurants and other stuff they said no black people allowed that’s the way it was you know ... I could see there was a lot of racial issues how was in the Vietnam war what made you want to go to the war I had no choice I had to join the Marines I took a oath to serve the under the military you had to take a oath so if you go ordered you had to go ... But by the time I went to Vietnam it was already in the 60s, that’s when immigration became real ... I believe it was 1962 they did have civil rights ... We slept together I had a lot of friends that were black and they were soldiers

...In the old days when I was a kid my uncle went to World War II and he said that they had all the blacks as drivers they do not put them as mixed with the rest of the troops. I think to me everybody’s the same no matter skin tone. Everybody equally according to the Bible; nobody's different. I didn’t grow up with any, but I knew some people that were racist.