Francisca Alvarez

As Interviewed by Alexis Ramirez, March 14, 2019

Francisca Alvarez: In her own words

For me God was the most important person, and then I thought about the guide who was going to help me cross. I thought a lot about the person who brought me, the one who was going to help me cross and he did help me a lot because my shoes broke and he helped me because he brought other shoes and gave them to me.

Yes the migration whom caught me and arrested me. I had return to Mexico but I after 3 days I tried again to cross and I succeeded looks like third time’s a charm.

The United States because I was afraid of immigration and I had not had problems with the law and so naturally I was scared. In the aftermath of the twin towers collapsing, I thought that they were going to send me to my country, we all did. We thought a lot about the jobs we did not have, we did not get a lot of work, we worked some days but not others.

They were made of rubber or plastic, I burned my feet and the socks that I wore and because my shoes and socks were wet, when it dried, I took off my shoes but with everything and the skin. The skin fell off my feet and I could not walk anymore. That was very difficult for me moving forward. But I had to come, make the effort, to walk even with my feet bleeding