Leti Bueno

As Interviewed By Isaac Guzman, March 23, 2019

Leti Bueno: In Her Own Words

...My name is Leti Bueno, and I have been an advocate in social justice for probably the past 16 years, working in different aspects of it through church, and I had a career in church ministry and through fair trade. Being a Hispanic person, I remember my mom taking me to a child care center; I was 4 years old and it stayed with me when I was not allowed to get on this playground equipment and I was specifically said cause I was too dark, and I remember thinking at 4 years old that's not fair. Obviously, probably when I was 4 I said that's not nice. It actually stayed with me for a very long time and I realized that there are so many injustices it started my back they think .Like I said, when I was working on it for a long time so I work with teens in an area where I felt like you know they were different. There were 2 teams that were more needing basic needs like food and shelter in safety, and then move to Austin, How soon I realize that the kids weren't worried about with your next meal, or where they were gonna sleep. With the students I was working, They asked How can I do better; How can I make sure someone else isn’t hurting and so to do that kind of work that I realize like we're gonna focus on social. A Family that doesn't have a means to be able to sell their items to the western world, right there, just creating these really beautiful items that show their culture definitely try to use recycled products but if they don't have any Avenue to get that out, Just kinda selling it and it's not going anywhere in there maybe not able to gain the money that they could from the work of their doing. When fairer practices are clean to play in a fair trade Association or Co op conform The prices guaranteed that it's a fair wage for that country for that family, and catholic relief services does a tremendous amount of work there such a large agency they've been around for over 80 years I'm sorry 75 years, and I think that more than anything else they do help in regards to fair trade practices. About trying to make an audience more aware of fair trade; I do feel like my time with the Catholic Church when I notice it a lot of people in the church didn't understand that fair trade was apart of things that they should be practicing as well I'm so Catholic relief services does a really great job. Being able to create that voice for fair trade with in someone's faith you know there's some people that are like I'm on it. Buy some chocolate, coffee, i come as close as I can but I think so they will just you know they say can't it's expensive and if he can't that's OK but they can be hardcore some people who have the means to do it, don't support it ‘I wanna support local’ which is great but you know it's hard to buy everything local. You know I think that it's OK to email start small especially when it in regards to social justice. Just volunteer somewhere, write a letter, share a post online, it's not hard and you know let it builds over the years, especially if you're young like sharing something on instagram or Snapchat or whatever. It’s not hard to do about social. Buy the chocolate bar that's fair trade is not hard to do you know I mean you gonna eat chocolate anyway might as well eat something that's good for the world I can get hard just don't give up.