Irma Castanon

As Interviewed by Juan Castanon, March 16, 2019

Irma Castanon: In Her Own Words

Hello, my name is Irma Castanon, I'm the mother of two beautiful children- well I chose to come to this country in a fear of my life, I witnessed when my father was murdered, so that was a fear that I've had all my life- the biggest challenge that I would say is the language barrier, and how to fit in this,uh... new lifestyle and this new country and just in general trying to adapt to this country- yes, unfortunately it was when I was pregnant for the first time, and since I didn't have insurance at the time/back then I had to go to a clinic where uh...Crinadle care and a few times that I kind of see the look on the staff or hear the staff saying "oh all those mexicans they only come here know...taking things from us" so that kinda make me feel really uncomfortable- well I really want to go back to school, I'm a nurse right now but I really would like to go back to school again, I want to be able to give back and maybe join a nonprofit organization to help other immigrants like me at the beginning and the most important thing is to see my children achieve their dreams- I'm pretty sure that it is but there will be many solutions I just wish that people would...oh and the government to be able to open to Solutions so that we can begin solving these immigration situations that's really tough and hard for other people and their families, I think if they create Solutions like a temporary visas for people to come over and work so they can have support to be able to be able to give back to their families, I think that would be another great thing to do, but there's a lot of people that have already been here illegal for many years, why don't that people... get like a probation or do something like that, and if in those five years or so they do good, I mean like pay their taxes you know... Being a good citizen, then they can apply for a green card and later on they can go on and become legal here.