Mrs. Thangam Minakshi

As Interviewed by Vedanth Ramanathan, March 24, 2019

Mrs. Thangam Minakshi: In her Own Words

Today I am interviewing my grandma, Thangam Minakshi about her childhood and what she pursued as a teacher in India.

I could find out the students who were struggling in their studies. I asked them to come to my home or I used to go to school early. Then I prepared special notes, simple notes for them, and then [that] made the learning studies easier. This made them progress. This relieved them a lot, and I did this free of cost. For example, a lady used to come to my house to help my mother. She used to bring her granddaughters with her. They were struggling in their studies so it was a pleasure for me to help them in their studies. I helped them in their studies and this gave them a lot of relief. I treated all students equally, regardless of their background and culture. It was a natural thinking in me to practice this. I learned that each child is unique in his or her own way. So, the students also learned this from my own example. In fact, most students helped the other students who needed help. I never paid attention to the other teachers, what they said about me. I just cared about suggestions they had about my teaching. I just focused on my work, for the progress of my students. And this work always helped [me] to do better.