Sharon James

As interviewed by Kai Suggs, March 24, 2019

Sharon James In Her Own Words

My name is Kai Suggs and I interviewed Sharon James.

Um... I worked at a company, and one of the managers took an interest in me, and kept bothering me and bothering me, and I thought I could keep him at bay. Then he told me at one point that he had access to my personnel files, and he could go to HR and you know, mess with them. And then finally he said sooner or later you are going to have to sleep with me and at that point I started looking for a new job, cause I knew that, I thought I was doing a good job of keeping him away but, just got a new job. And the problem with that is if you change jobs too much, that's also a black mark against you, so you know you can't keep running away, which is what I usually ended up doing, because it'll in the long run somebody will say we don't want you around because you job hop. So it's kind of a catch twenty two kinda situation. On the other hand, one time a guy I worked with said something extremely inappropriate to me, but there was somebody else standing next to me who was male who heard it, so he went and reported it and the guy ended up getting fired so. But that was right during the Anita Hill trial, it wasn't a trial, interview or whatever I forget what you call it, but anyway so people were very conscious of it all of the sudden and wanted to prevent it from happening, so that's why he got fired really.