Guadalupe Jimenez

As Interviewed by E.S., April 7, 2019

Guadalupe J.: In Her Own Words

(Podcast in Spanish. Transcript translated from Spanish to English)

One feels bad because it’s like they make you feel like you don’t belong here -- that you are not apart of this society. Not because you wanted to come here but your parents took you here -- more like obligated you -- to be in a country that you are unfamiliar with. You had to or try to learn the other language, the culture, make new friends...

I was scared to open myself up to my classmates, to new people. And in a country, at the time that I came, racism was still very, very visible. There shouldn’t be racism, especially when we are teenagers in high school -- and then racism, bullying, treating people badly (etc.) started. Without even knowing them, without even knowing their lives. They don’t even know the psychological impact it had on us. Things like that that people don’t consider, don’t think -- and then they hurt a person.

We came into this country, not even wanting to come in this country. The people that came here when they were small are not at fault. We are not at fault coming here in the United States -- our parents brought us here.

If our city would have been safe and if it would have been a good place to live in, we wouldn't have immigrated here. But sometimes families immigrate because they need to live better, to have a better future, to not struggle or not have.

They have been unfair to people undocumented, just with the reason of not being from here, or being residents here. It’s sad and pitiful at the same time, because we don’t come here to rob anything from anyone, we just simply came here to work, just to have a better life, without harming anyone else. I don’t think the immigrants hurt the country, but they just make it better by making it more diverse. It makes the U.S. more special.