Mike Martindale

As Interviewed by Evan Lidiak, March 10, 2019

Mike Martindale: In His Own Words.

How did you get to pick whether you got into the Air Force? How did you get assigned as a missile maintenance person?

The Air Force said that if you join the Air Force, which basically is what I did, you typically had a choice of what you wanted to go into. I had an uncle that had retired from the Air Force that was an air policeman that had trained in hand-to-hand combat and dog handling, as in police dogs, and that what I wanted to do. But they didn’t accept my request and I presume later that I found out due to the amount of college that I had had and my test scores and what not qualified me to be in this nuclear missile program plus my top secret security clearance ability not everybody if you ever had a traffic ticket you probably would not qualify. Actually I’m 73 years-old and never had a traffic ticket in my life!

So my mom mentioned that part of the reason you got sent to missile maintenance was your security clearance and then she said the reason that your friend was sent to be a gunner and you were sent to missile maintenance was partly due to a health problem at the time... a minor health complication? That was why you didn’t serve in a helicopter?

No, not really. I don't know how the selection process was but they were several people that had what they called an AFSC number and some of those AFSC numbers were chosen some way, but I’m not even sure how. I was told it was the alphabet and that they drew a line and everybody above it had to go because we were losing so many people. But anyways, I did not have to go, and it was a decision made by the top brass at the time. I did not have any health condition.