Monica Boulton

As Interviewed by Jonas Feighner, March 13, 2019

Monica Boulton: In Her Own Words

When I was little we moved to a small city called Barnitas, which is on the western part of Venezeula. And I loved it over there. It was super fun -- it was a small little town. I could walk and be on my own go to school walking, come back from school and have my friends. We had a lot of fruit trees, everything was very tropical and very lush.


Living there was very fun. People there are very friendly so I had a lot of friends and we traveled a lot inside the country. I was doing triathlons so we traveled to compete, but then I decided to come to the States to do something different and every time I come back, the country is in more disrepair than before. So it’s a completely different place than where I used to be accustomed to.

[Additional Detail...]

The government that is there right now is extremely corrupt, have taken a lot of money from the oil reserve out of the country. Maduro -- who is in power right now -- doesn’t really seem to grasp what is happening or what he has done to the country. He thinks everything is okay, nothing is happening. Despite of that, three million people have left the country and usually Venezuelans used to stay there and live there. People didn’t migrate to other countries because we were always wealthy because of the oil.

But when you go, just for a short visit besides this sad situation, it’s super fun! You need to be careful where you go but besides that it’s still fun to go.