Jed Chute

As Interviewed by Matthew Manangkalangi, March 17, 2019

Jed Chute : In His Own Words

Can you tell me where you were stationed during your time in the navy and what operation you served in?

I joined the Navy in 1996, I went to boot camp in Illinois, Great Lakes and then I was transferred to Millington, Tennessee, for some schooling, and then I got sent to Pensacola, Florida, for additional schooling, and then I got sent to Rota, Spain, for my first assignment, and I spent a year and a half in Rhode of Spain, and then after Rhode of Spain I went and served another year and a half on the USS Dwight D Eisenhower, its an aircraft carrier, and then I got out, and the only operation I was in was in the war on terror, so after 9/11 I got recalled into the reserves to go to Bahrain, I worked with the mobile communications unit in Bahrain for another year for the war on terror.

What did you do in Bahrain?

I guess I monitored the predator feed, which was the drone feed, we sat in the room and we monitored that to make sure that was running correctly and I maintained communications equipment, I made sure it was ready to use for people on the front lines.

What did you do on the aircraft carrier?

When I was in Rota, Spain, I was a miniature electronics repairman where I fixed circuit boards and when I went to this aircraft carrier -- I was in charge of a little shop like a miniature electronics repair shop. I fixed circuit boards and managed other people that would fix the circuit boards too.

Did your perspective change at all?

No, I mean not my perspective on the U.S. anyways, I mean I learned a lot from observing overseas, the world outside of the U.S. is definitely very different than the world in the U.S. I learned a lot about that.

What encouraged you to join the Navy?

Most of my family has been in the Navy, and you know I guess I wanted to serve my country and also I wanted the to get the college benefits that was associated with it.

Do you think you benefited from your time in the Navy?


Why do you think you benefited?

I learned a lot of discipline, I didn’t have much discipline before I went in, I learned a skill which was repairing electronics equipment, and I learned how to work with a lot of different people because the Navy has people from all over the U.S. from all different backgrounds, could be rich, could be poor, could be from the inside of the city, could be from the country, and basically the throw you all in a room together and make you work together, and you have to get along to some degree, so I learned that, and you know also I learned how to relate to other people from different countries, I learned Spanish, I would say you kinda broaden yourself as an individual by learning how other people live, and that was what the Navy really taught me.

What was the most memorable thing that happened to you while you were in the Navy?

That’s where I met my wife.