Vicki L Rees

As Interviewed by Cooper R-E, April 13th, 2019

Vicki L Rees: in her own words

I worked with one little boy that came in and nobody had much hope for him, and I had learned how to facilitate sand therapy which essentially is I had the maintenance folks build me a huge sandbox that was in my office that had lots of toys and shovels and things like that. So with this little boy that's what I did every week or twice a week and so out of that a lot of his issues, the trauma that had happened to him, he was able to cope with and he was able to go back home to his parents.

One of the children, a nine year old, committed murder while on a home visit.

Yes, my co-director was extremely… almost fanatically religious with… and it came out a few years later that he was telling these children - and these are seriously emotionally disturbed children - he was telling them they were acting out and their behaviour problems were caused by the devil, and if they just accepted god and prayed, all their problems would be solved. Which was clearly, not scientific, not something that I had ever been trained to tell the children in my masters program… it was extremely challenging.

There were challenging parents - I remember one set of parents, was a mom in particular… some of these parents would do “doctor shopping” because they would want to get a doctor that would just medicate their child so they could come home. And of course this wasn’t what our program was about, we were trying to help the children get better, and some of them needed medication but some of them just needed to learn how to cope with life and their own abilities or disabilities. But this one mom in particular was constantly causing problems because she just believed we should dope up her child and that would solve all of his problems and all of her problems.